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Straight teeth is not just about looking good, it’s actually about living well! After decades of dental practice we know that achieving optimum dental health with a correct bite and straight teeth will in fact impact your sleep and your pain levels, especially in the head and neck, which affects your daily activity. What’s more if these things are not working for you, your posture, your breathing and even the development of bone structure of your face, your child’s very “attractiveness” will be adversely affected.

It is never too early to begin preparations for a perfect smile for life and there are many alternatives to ensure the best outcomes for our younger patients. We believe in the careful monitoring of patients to ensure teeth are growing as they should, and at times a little pre-emptive treatment can resolve issues before they become major problems later on.

Braces may be required for many patients however we are strong advocates of no braces dentistry which employs other plates and removable techniques to rectify potential crowding issues.

Exciting innovations have also taken place for our adult patients allowing for teeth to be straightened in less obvious methods such as invisalign technology. This revolutionary process allows minor teeth realignment in a matter of 4-12 months while complex problems are resolved over a longer period.

Call our clinic on 9787 4439 to make a booking and find out how we can assist you and your family to make the best choice. We can’t reinforce how important it is for your child’s development to make sure their teeth are in safe hands. At Dental Care Mt Eliza we care about your family’s future so come in and discuss how we can help you.


Not a tooth out of place

More than a good looking smile, orthodontic treatment is about dental function and correct bite. Yes, we all want to look good but did you know if you or your child has poor bite alignment that sleep apnoea, poor posture and a wealth of other health issues may affect their lives?

At Dental Care Mt Eliza, we are concerned about the holistic outcomes for your family, not just a great smile. Always feel free to call or come in to discuss your concerns.

The most common of all orthodontic treatment is the traditional method of applying metal braces to the teeth to correct a bad bite. This may include uneven or incorrect alignment, protruding teeth or irregularly spaced teeth. Braces are efficient and cost effective while they offer amazing results for teenagers and adults alike.

Our orthopaedic approach is where we can achieve amazing results using a series of custom appliances to gently broaden the jaw to correct disturbances to the natural growth pattern as teeth emerge. These appliances can be removable or fixed and can be a no braces approach to solving your crowding problem.

Over the past decade or two, traditional orthodontic treatments have developed allowing for “lingual” braces to be placed behind teeth and in addition tooth coloured brackets are on offer.

If you are seeking the ultimate in discreet realignment techniques we offer invisalign treatment, when your appearance while the process is undertaken is a priority.

Each method offers benefits in terms of timing of overall alignment treatment. And there is variability in cost depending on your budget.

Call us today to find out more about how we can help your family to a healthier smile.


The invisible way to a perfect smile

Teeth straightening is about producing a great smile but it is also a way of ensuring your breathing, bite and balance is in order. These things affect the way you live and sleep, so sleep well and call us about your dental concerns!

How the invisalign system works is via the placement of clear matrices that are a custom film covering the teeth. They are replaced every two weeks and it takes far less time in the dentist’s chair than the complexities of tightening braces demands!
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Orthopaedics and Functional Jaw Orthodontics

If the smile fits

At Dental Care Mt Eliza we recognise the importance of correct facial development on your appearance and quality of life.

Poorly developed facial structures lead to an unattractive or underdeveloped facial profile with protruded jaws and long face, as well as the obvious dental crowding. Open lips and bags under the eyes are well related to incorrect facial development.

The importance of this to us is not just in facial appearance but in the incorrect functioning of the jaws and facial structures, leading to a variety of problems that can be improved and relieved by dental orthopaedic correction.

Our approach is taken to restore what nature should have done by itself – but due to problems of diet, mouth breathing and breathing issues, muscular habits and dysfunction, even traumatic accidents, problems ensue. This starts a cascade of events so that correct facial development may not occur to the genetic growth potential.

Face development is essential for an attractive full faced and healthy smile. The approach we take aims to correct these issues. Firstly we carry out a careful assessment and present a considered treatment plan for your child explaining the issues with consideration of the child’s growth and stage of development.

The aims of treatment are to make the room for the teeth, tongue position and control incorrect muscle habits and allow correct growth of the jaws. You may need help from an allergist or ENT surgeon or a medical practitioner to get it perfect but it’s always important to start as soon as possible.

Often we make appliances as removable plates to carefully guide growth to the ideal dental arch development.

This allows room for the teeth to grow naturally where they should have grown in the first place.
Typically these appliances are worn full time and for up to a year, sometimes longer, depending on our treatment aims and when permanent teeth erupt.

Children as early as 5years of age can be treated. Usually 7-9 is the time treatments start.
Kids get to choose the colour of their appliance. They tolerate treatment well and actually find it a bit of fun – so do we!

Unfortunately crowding is very common now in our culture. So if you have questions ask us. We will be keeping an eye on all of the children that attend the practice so if you have any queries don’t forget to ask.

Later final correction of the teeth can be achieved once the correct foundations are established, often when children are in secondary school.

Crooked Teeth

If you have crooked teeth -

The first and most important thing is to fully understand the problem – and to look at all the facts that contribute to the causes.

By doing this we have the best chance of allowing for all issues related to your crowding and plan for correction.

A comprehensive assessment is carried out including models, photographs, dental health, TMJ and airway screening. X-rays are ordered and assessed before a treatment plan is presented.

Treatment options are then presented including, braces, fixed or removable appliances, invisalign and other options including the long term shape, contour or restoration of the teeth, all as a part of your orthodontic treatment plan – costs and risks will be fully discussed and a treatment process instigated during your consultation.

If you have functional problems with your jaws or other associated problems a level of pre treatment to correct these issues maybe considered first.

It’s a team effort with you to achieve the results you always wanted.

It is a mistake to just go for appearance with dental treatment. The problem you may have is for a reason – this needs to be correctly identified and dealt with so your expensive remake doesn’t just end up failing like your original teeth SO call us and we will demystify the process and give you a great solution.

Healthy Kids Development

Right from the start

Healthy kids development starts as early as breastfeeding.

It encourages correct function of the oral muscles which is essential for good jaw function.

Researchers reports breast feeding up to 2 years of age results in better outcomes for your child.

Drinking from a cup and being offered food with texture is important during the weaning process. The function of chewing helps develop the jaws forward. Pacifiers and Dummies are to be used with caution – as they are implicated in facial development problems.

If your child has a problem with teeth and facial development – it’s never too early to plan and to treat.
Earlier intervention helps your child’s face grow right with orthopaedics, education and correct function! So call now.

Do I need treatment?

If your child has:

  • Crowded baby teeth or early adult teeth
  • Open mouth sleeping
  • Allergies
  • Tonsil and adenoid problems
  • Frequent ear aches and infections
  • A narrow palate
  • A tongue tie
  • Growing a longer face

Then it’s time to get an opinion – call us we will demystify your concerns and give you a healthy long term approach for a great outcome. We will work with a whole medical team including your doctor, chiropractor or physiotherapist.

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