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Your dentist of choice in Mt Eliza

We offer all aspects of Modern Dentistry – and coordinate with dental specialists and co-treating health professionals as necessary for comprehensive health dentistry outcomes.

Dr Scott Robertson, Dr Emma Barnsley, Dr Kavita Gupta and Dr Karen Chung are all members of the Australian Dental Association and have involvement in other Professional associations (see their Bios) to keep up to date and relevant to the latest Modern Dentistry has to offer – A full range of Dental Services are provided and as much as possible kept under one roof at;

Dental Care Mt Eliza
126 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza.

  • General Dentistry
  • Children’s Dentistry
  • Hygienist – Cleaning and Preventive Care
  • Extractions
  • Complex Rehabilitations for broken down Dentition
  • Simple and Complex Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Bonding, Whitening, Veneers
  • Dental Sleep Medicine (OSA and Snoring)
  • Orthodontics and Orthopaedics – Straightening teeth for Children and Adults
  • Orofacial and Cranio facial Pain
  • TMD (TMJ dysfunction)
  • General Anaesthetics
  • Dentures, full and part
  • Implants

Our Philosophy

We live in the Community we serve….

So it is no surprise that Dr Scott Robertson has lived locally since 1975 and has operated a Practice in Mt Eliza since 1989.

Our aim is simple – to provide clear advice and Quality Health Dentistry in our own backyard.
Health Dentistry is about understanding why problems happen in the first place and providing treatment to improve your entire well being – bite – breathing – balance – beauty

If we can answer these three questions to your satisfaction:
1. Will it Hurt?
2. How Much will it Cost?
3. Is it Worth It?

Then we are a long way to achieving our goals for your and provide comfortable and effective dentistry.

The Decision making process is ultimately controlled by the Patient – after provision of effective, efficient and accurate advice involving a written estimate and clear direction as per options available.

Complex Dentistry must be broken into simple parts so the best possible results are obtained.

Choices in Dentistry must be balanced with risks and benefits – in an area where the Dental Professionals expert knowledge is provided in a way that the patient can understand so the correct choices are made!

We are very hands on in supporting and coordinating your journey to dental health.

We can show you what’s possible in the chair and with intraoral cameras, and in our consult room with photography and examples to help make it easier for you to understand your proposed treatments.

Our Treatment Coordinator Robyn has a wealth of experience in demystifying dentistry.

Costs and written estimates are always provided.

How Can We Help You

Who are our patients?

Everyone - You don’t even need teeth – we make them!

We deal with all aspects of Dentistry as a General Dental Practice and love solving your problems and providing solutions to your dental needs in a positive and friendly way.

I have practiced in Mt Eliza since 1989 and plan to continue to for many years so come in and see our beautiful purpose built rooms in Mt Eliza Way – overlooking the park.

One of the great joys of practicing in Mt Eliza is that I feel a part of our community here; practicing in the village and watching families grow up in one of the best places to live in Victoria is a privilege.

Your Problem, Our Solution

Your problem is a solution waiting to happen

Often I see patients who have a lot of dental problems and just don’t know where to start or what to do.

Issues of ongoing dental disease, decay, gum issues, appearance issues and worn teeth can all present as a nightmare.

It is often just too hard to deal with and decisions on treatment. At worst some decisions are just made to solve the most recent break or tooth ache.

Overlying it is a fear of losing teeth or of a massive bill, a fear of dentures or a lack of confidence that the problem will not be solved.

We have a very thorough information gathering process that takes into account ALL the issues relevant, to work out possible solutions for your treatment and spend the time explaining your options so you are comfortable with our proposed treatment processes.

We coordinate and follow-up your care and as much treatment as possible is carried out in our rooms. If specialist expertise is required, procedures required are arranged by our treatment coordinators so you are not lost in the process.

We start with the end point – which is where we want you to get to and where you want your smile to be – no matter how simple or complex the task. Getting you there comfortably and safely in a planned approach over the time frame we agree on is how we can achieve our results.

So if your mouth is a mess, call us and we will help you and guide you to a solution.

A big fear in dentistry is the unknown so let us demystify the process for you.


Simple and complex problems have an individual solution right for you.

Dr Scott Robertson and his team of Dental Professionals have the Interest, the Passion and the Understanding to deal with dental problems NOW and help you plan the right treatments for you and your family to keep a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

Call us for an appointment today.

Our Vision for You

Visiting any dental surgery for the first time is a challenge

Dental visits are not on everyone’s favourite to do list but let’s hope it’s not on your bucket list. Even it if is - we are here to help.

We have a simple premise; “ A problem is a solution waiting to happen”

After 30 years of dentistry Dr Scott Robertson is up for a complex challenge, in his words;
Every person will have a unique set of Dental problems and requirements that need solving – and it’s a delight for me to take up the challenge. I don’t see a problem.

Job satisfaction for me comes by knowing that I’ve kept you at ease, diagnosed your problems and at the end of treatment, having you – the patient, happy with the result with no unpleasant surprises, cost or otherwise.

To achieve this means I’ve put my patients first and tested my clinical and people skills – and achieved a result to be proud of.

Whether it’s a full mouth rehabilitation or teaching you to brush properly so you need us less.
The satisfaction for us is there.

So if you would like to see if I can help you – I’m happy to meet you.

Cost vs Benefits

Our approach is simple – We listen to your concerns

We thoroughly assess your problems with a view to solving them – and we share with you the options that we think are appropriate for you.

In other words we discuss openly things like costs, where you are at with your teeth and what the likely outcomes of treatment are.

We are interested in getting you right up to the level that you are happy with and keeping you there. Not a drip feed – everything doesn’t need to be done next week.

Not lurching from broken tooth and toothache to extraction with no plan (unless that’s what you want of course – we’ll always keep things safe for you).

Cost vs benefit- it’s really up to you

So what’s the cost? – we think it’s fair and reasonable for what we do and we will tell you up front so you always no where you are at.

Our treatment plans are comprehensive and will outline our course of action and the costs so you can decide what suits your budget and needs.


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