Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Smart dental solutions from kids to seniors

The mere suggestion of dental appointments has on occasions been known to cause a little anxiousness. If we can answer these questions for you whilst you are sitting in our chair….

1. Will it hurt?
2. How much will it cost?
3. Is it worth it?

then we have gone a long way to achieving our goals for you and your family to achieve comfortable and effective dentistry, and dispelling the fear.

We take our time to carefully outline a treatment plan to suit your requirements from simple plans to complex treatments for more serious problems after a thorough diagnosis. It’s all about choices and enabling you to make informed dental decisions. We pride ourselves in taking a professional interest in your overall wellbeing.

Giving your family the best in dental care requires a careful balance of value, runs on the board in terms of experience, and the ability to understand your specific needs. Value is in terms of the time it takes, the longevity of the options chosen and the ease of having it done – not just the financial cost.

Our Treatment Coordinator, Robyn is here to assist you with all your questions and takes the time to understand what your needs are now, and how we can best tailor a plan for you.

It’s all about choices and we offer a wide range of dental solutions from general practice to innovative solutions with the use of in-house facilities and the latest technology. Overlooking the parklands, our purpose built rooms in Eliza Way offer every comfort for you and your family even with its own kids entertainment area.

Our dental treatments and solutions are designed to be flexible, adapt and we make changes to suit your family’s needs from kids dental to teenage and seniors care.

We have a special interest in TMJ, craniofacial pain, orthopaedics and orthodontics, advanced restorative including cosmetic dentistry, Dental Sleep Medicine involving snoring and Sleep Apnoea.

Our team of highly professional and friendly staff are ready to support your needs and solve any dental legacy issues you may have.

It’s never too late to begin because your problem is a solution waiting to happen, so call us today on 97874439

Kids Dentistry

A little more than a quick brush

Treating children is an important part of our practice. It is a great joy for us to watch your children grow up healthy!

We offer a range of services for your children from general dentistry including fillings, fissure sealants, oral hygiene checks, decay control strategies (caries control), mouthguards, traumatology, kids root fillings and monitoring teeth alignment and the identification of potential issues to ensure healthy kids dental development. We also offer General Anaesthetics for kids.

When it comes to dental appointments, it’s about keeping the visit safe – empowering children whilst still firmly but fairly controlling the situation in order to treat what needs treating. This is the way we approach our children’s practice.

We want dental devotees in our future adult patients – not train wrecks! And we are not above bribery!

Diet is a key factor in the development of dental disease. Sugary foods spells disaster! We offer caries control programs for all patients, but it is particularly important for our children and teenagers.

Dietary counselling, oral hygiene instruction and caries control strategies including the use of decay treating and preventing products including fluoride and tooth moose are essential tools in turning our disease active patients around. Its hard work for some but essential if we are truly to be health preservers rather than just disease fixers. Decay starts with diet – but you would be surprised where it ends for your overall health…click here for health dentistry.

By promoting good oral hygiene while your children are young, it gives them a solid base for the rest of their lives. We know this because we regularly see older patients with issues that began with poor dental treatment or lack of intervention as children. Our philosophy is to show – tell – do. There is no need to let dental disease happen to your family.

It’s clear to me that many of the problems of crowding relate to incorrect facial development, so we are very interested in correcting children’s crowding early.

Answering the often asked question by parents as to when to treat crowding is an important part of our examination process – so we can guide jaws into the correct position (orthopaedics) or straighten teeth (orthodontics) both here and in conjunction with specialists. Click here to straight teeth.

We are yet to find many children who love to brush twice a day correctly and for the recommended amount of time and floss regularly but we love to help educate children and parents alike about good dental hygiene! That’s where the bribery comes in!

One of the most common issues we see in our clinic is that of crowded teeth which closely relates to incorrect facial development. Our treatments include a range of orthopaedic measures and techniques which can guide jaws and bone structure into an optimal growth pattern. These simple measures literally affect the development of the facial structure to such a degree that the results are life changing. Speak to our staff for further information on what is available.

Dental hygiene and a great smile is essential for healthy and happy living and it’s up to us and parents to give your child the best start.

Call us today to make your appointment with our child friendly staff on 97874439


Teenagers can be a challenge to us all!

They are often in a higher risk category for dental caries (decay) due to changes in diet, particularly with increased intake of junk food and sugar containing soft drinks, juices and cordials.

Young trades people and students are particularly at risk due to high levels of sugary food and drink that they often insist on eating.

Connecting with young adults is an important part of our care, positive encouragement, and supporting self-esteem is essential. We find a friendly and negotiated approach helps in achieving dental health aims. Teenagers might not talk much but they don’t want decay as much as their parents don't!

Management of or referral for orthodontic treatments and assessment for management of impacted wisdom teethwhitening treatments are other important services that we offer.


'Keeping your teeth for life'

– a great slogan – but the reality is that this doesn’t always happen!

A better mantra is “Keeping a functioning Dentition for Life” – This implies that eating and smiling is maintained using any or all of the techniques of modern dentistry from fillingscrownsimplantscrown and bridges and importantly maintaining the teeth and jaws.

Dr Scott Robertson has a special interest in Worn and Damaged Dentition – this means that he can develop a plan involving what’s necessary and what’s effective in order to achieve a result to maintain a Functional and Aesthetic Dentition.

It’s less about filling the gaps and more about solving a 3D puzzle for teeth, mouths and jaws.

Asking “HOW” patients get into Dental Difficulties must be factored into the solution so an effective solution can be found.


Smile through your golden years

Age brings about special challenges in Dentistry – as dietary changes and incidence of decay can increase due to decreasing ability for the body to cope – The aim is Maintaining Function.

Experience and attention to detail is essential to provide well-fitting and effective Dental Appliances, including Full and Partial Dentures.

Watching out for Increase in Decay rates and careful management of Gums and Root Decay with cleaning strategies and product use to minimise the risk.

Our Hygiene programs are an essential way to control the progression of Dental Disease.

Gum Health

A Happy Smile Relies on Healthy Gums

It may seem obvious that your gums are the base and foundation for your teeth, but that is easy to forget when life gets busy and dental hygiene is not in the forefront of your mind.

Not only that, gum disease is a progressive disease and can begin virtually unnoticed until the more unsightly and painful symptoms occur in the later stages.

We understand that changes in life circumstances, pregnancy or simply decay over time results in gums that may have been neglected. You may experience symptoms such as bad breath or bleeding gums which may be painful or swollen. Bleeding and puffiness of the gums, called gingivitis is a key indicator of the beginnings of gum disease. If this is the case for you, call us immediately as it is far easier to rectify unhealthy gums before you experience more serious or advanced periodontal disease. Black triangles between the teeth are a sign of previous or more advanced bone loss. We have cosmetic solutions for you once we establish a healthy gum base.

If you would like answers give us a call!

Unhealthy gums are a result of a build-up of bacteria in the mouth which leads to the gums receding and in the more serious cases decay of the jaw bone as the gum pulls away exposing bone to bacteria.

Slowly and steadily the bacterial action causes loss of bone, infection and bleeding of the gums and build-up of scale on the teeth making everything bleed, smelly and sore. If you believe one or more of your teeth are suspect it is time to act!

But most of all don’t worry- treatment is on hand including under anaesthetic if required. But act fast!
We believe in a preventative approach and can assist you to develop a strategy of routine care to avoid further issues down the track. Our staff understand the reality of dental issues and we all may face some problems during the course of our lives. Don’t let embarrassment stop you asking about treatments, as we are here to help you and your family stay healthy for life.

We offer a broad range of dental services from Full Smile RehabilitationSnoring and Sleep Apnoea issues and Implants. At Dental Care Mt Eliza, our staff love a challenge, as much as we love to see our patients benefit from relief from discomfort or a happy new smile. Always ask how we can help you look and feel better. The solution may be easier than you thought!

Call us today to speak to our staff and make sure your dental health is in the best hands.

Periodontal Treatment

How we can help restore healthy gums

When unhealthy gums have not been treated in the initial phases of discomfort the unfortunate reality is that periodontal disease begins take hold. Symptoms include swollen, bleeding gums, black triangles between the teeth, loose teeth or even teeth falling out, Bad Breath and more.

It’s time to act fast!

It is essential to begin treatment as soon as you notice symptoms as you will find the disease can affect your whole wellbeing. There are increasing indicators that link bacteria and inflammation of the gums to an increase in heart attacks, dementia and other health issues. What is known definitively is that if periodontal disease is left to progress the effects can be dire. It can greatly increase your dental problems and expense.

There is good news, and periodontal disease can be stopped in its tracks with careful and thorough treatment and a routine care plan. Our first step is to conduct an accurate assessment of the disease, including the taking of x-rays, measurements called periodontal probing and then developing a strategy to control and minimise further effects of the disease.

Controlling Periodontal disease involves dedication from the patient in implementing prescribed cleaning and home management strategies including effective use of the tooth brush and cleaning aids such as flossing. Treatment strategies can be extensive but don’t have to be uncomfortable. The time spent in controlling the advancement of periodontal disease is well spent – it’s not just cleaning but maintenance and support that are the keys to healthier gums.

Our Hygienist can become a personal trainer for your gums!

Part of our approach to help you fight gum disease is to identify your risk factors like smoking, grinding / clenching, mouth breathing and other related risk factors for periodontal disease.

Supported and motivated by our professional team, we are always on hand to assist your journey to better dental health.

Call us today on 9787 4439


Heading Dental Disease off before it attacks!

At Dental Care Mt Eliza we have a dedicated Hygiene Department to help with the treatment and Preventive aspects of dental decay and gun disease.

We can develop specifically tailored programs from stabilising gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis) and controlling dental decay.

We also offer whitening programs – Zoom and home whitening to make you feel good.

Hygiene is a cost effective way to maintain healthy teeth and gums and keep them looking great!

It’s not enough for us to watch our patients come back year after year with the need for fresh fillings, treating fresh holes and having ongoing gum disease – so taking the time to control causes of these diseases is what preventive dentistry is all about.

Dental Emergencies

We are here when things go wrong!

Call now on 9787 4439

Your family’s dental health is our number one priority at Mt Eliza Dental Care and accidents can happen to any of us. We know that immediate attention can make the difference between the choice of a costly implant down the track or the careful restoration of your existing tooth in case of a knocked out tooth.

So act fast, we are ready for your call!

If you have a broken tooth or a tooth ache we are here to help. We will efficiently work out the issue and repair or treat to comfort – as soon as possible. We can organise antibiotics and painkillers if necessary and treat you to become pain free.

We ensure emergency times are available throughout the day at the clinic to manage accidents from broken teeth, dental pain and loss of fillings. At Dental Care we endeavour to meet your needs on the same day if possible.

Call us on 9787 4439





Dental Fillings

Using more than a little poly filler on your pearly whites!

Times and technology have changed and now fillings can be blended perfectly to the existing colour of your teeth so that the only person who will know, is you!

With Dr Scot Robertson’s extensive dental experience over 23 years he has seen techniques and materials change. Modern practice and technology allows you, the patient to enjoy a brighter smile with better outcomes.

When it comes to restorative dentistry, a broken or damaged tooth can be treated in a number of ways. A replacement filling may be required or a whole tooth may need to be capped or restored with porcelain to hold the remaining tooth structure together.

We will always carefully consider the options and discuss them with you. It’s a balance between the best treatment option, cost and potential outcomes and risk. At our clinic we never make the decision for you, but inform you of all the options available.

At Dental Care Mt Eliza we no longer use amalgam fillings as our primary material. And it is now possible to replace your old fillings with new composite materials to give you a brighter smile from front to back. The “gold standard” too is out of vogue although one study recently reported ¾ of gold restoration lasted for 35 years. So we will consider hanging onto structurally solid old school fillings and offer gold as well if that’s what you would like!

The latest technology that we employ in our practice is the use of composite filings using cast or milled materials in lithium disilicide called Emax. The material is then matched to your surrounding teeth to offer you a natural appearance that bonds directly to the tooth with new generation resin cements. No more unsightly dark fillings up the back when you have a good laugh with your friends!

Restorative treatment to maintain a strong and healthy tooth structure for damaged teeth is a fact of life. There are not many adults or kids for that matter that have not had caries that require treatment at different times. While we highly maintain our belief in preventative dentistry, and that the best tooth is always an unfilled one.

In addition, the benefits to modern fillings can be more than simply filling a hole or cavity, Glass ionomers restorations can release small amounts of fluoride to prevent further decay. They can even be put in without drilling. A filling that can actually offer health benefits for your oral protection is pretty smart! We think so anyway!

If you are interested in replacing your old amalgam fillings for new composite materials you may like to learn more about our other options including Emax inlays, overlays and crowns.

Most things in dentistry don’t rely on wizardry, they simple require good old fashioned judgement, skill and attention to detail.

Call on 9787 4439 to make an appointment today and discuss your options.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

We carefully consider before we tie your teenager to the door handle and pull

We have all heard about the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. However, what is less widely discussed is the methodology and timing of the procedure.

We carefully consider all the potential outcomes and impact of the extraction and advise on the best course of action.

It is usual for wisdom teeth to emerge between the ages of 17-23 and extraction usually occurs prior to the eruption through the gum-line. The issue with the wisdom teeth in particular is that often they emerge on an angle and the new tooth butts up against the adjacent tooth. This is typically known as an impacted wisdom tooth. This situation can give rise to infection as the site is difficult to clean effectively. Impacted wisdom teeth can also cause tooth ache, swollen gums and decay on the adjacent teeth.

The extraction of wisdom teeth is a common treatment among young adults; however we view each patient as an individual and do not believe in one solution suits all. We cautiously approach all extractions with a conservative outlook.

Simple extraction procedures may be undertaken in our surgery, while we consult with specialist oral surgeons for more complex wisdom teeth removal.

Call today on 9787 4439 to discuss the options today.


Root Canal

Getting to the site of infection so open wide and say argggh!

A tooth may become infected for a number of reasons, and it can be a very painful experience. Don’t worry, we can help identify the cause of your discomfort and quickly have you back to your old self. Root canal or Endodontics is required if the nerve of the tooth is unsalvageable. This can happen due to decay, trauma or a lifetime of big fillings.

The infected nerve causes pain and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that infects the jaw. And yes, this often can cause significant discomfort!

The root canal or endodontic procedure effectively treats the infection by removing the infected nerve and sealing the nerve canal to inhibit the build-up of bacteria within the tooth and this way the crown can be reinforced to keep a functioning tooth years with a greater than 95% success rate.

However in most cases you will usually notice pain, a swollen lump on the gum, sensitivity to hot or cold foods, an unusual taste in the mouth or a loose tooth. These may all be key indicators of an infected tooth. Diagnosis is commonly performed through x-ray. And in testing vitality of the nerve through clinical tests.

It’s important to seek treatment at the first signs and symptoms so as to treat the tooth with the least invasive options. We can save you a lot of bother if we get to the cause of a problem before a nightmare ensues!

Most people have a root canal but forget that we are really restoring a tooth. Often teeth break down if not restored properly so we usually advise a crown or cusp coverage restoration to ensure that the tooth doesn’t break in half – forgetting about the overall strength of the tooth by not restoring it correctly can be a recipe for disaster.

At Dental Care Mt Eliza we are committed to listening carefully to your concerns so speak to our friendly staff today to book an appointment on 97874439


Laser Dental Treatment

High tech gets to the root cause

We have two lasers in our practice.

LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy) which is designed to help increase healing after dental treatments and to help cut inflammation for dental related headaches and jaw pain as a part of our TMD therapy.
It is a simple, safe and effective technique.

Our Soft Tissue Laser is designed for removing and adjusting soft tissues for that perfect smile.

Gum lifts and minor soft tissue adjustments can be done carefully and gently with much much less healing issues or post operative discomfort than the old fashioned scalpel. We love the laser at Dental Care Mt Eliza and we are delighted with the amazing results we can achieve. If you have heard about laser – ask us.

Bad Breath

Don’t be afraid to speak out!

One of the most debilitating yet often easily treated hygiene issues is bad breath. We all have either suffered an awkward moment at one end or the other of hideous breath. And the bad news is; you probably will again! But any luck we are here to sensitively cure yours!

Everyone will suffer from bad breath during some stages in life and there are a myriad of causes and reasons. At times it is simply from a passing illness however at times bad breath can be persistent. At worst it can stop your social life in its tracks or result in embarrassment in the workplace or home. So it’s time to act fast!

There is exciting news, this embarrassing problem may be easily remedied once the cause is identified and the appropriate treatment offered.

Did you know that the most common issues that cause halitosis or bad breath may be as simple as a lack of dental hygiene or dehydration? Many people do not know that by simply brushing your tongue twice a day it can help remove the sulphur compounds that are responsible for releasing the offending smell. We often see it as a white / yellow coating particularly toward the back of the tongue. Regularly drinking water and flossing will assist as well.

It’s important to remember that bad breath may be a symptom of another underlying problem or condition so it is important to seek treatment as soon as you are can. Other causes of bad breath can be; gastric reflux, Dental Caries and Decay, Gum Disease, Mouth Breathing or Infected Teeth (root canal) which must be treated before infection has a chance to take hold.

So it’s not all bad news! At Mt Eliza Dental Care we are here not to judge but to assist you and your family to enjoy the best dental outcomes possible. Healthy teeth and gums mean a happier life from inside and out. It may sound simple but we know from experience how a New Smile (full smile rehabilitation) can give you a whole new outlook on life.

Call us today for a judgement free chat and break up with bad breath for good!



Say goodbye to the old clackers and get fitted with a whole new smile!

Properly fitted dentures will help you live well; and most importantly smile with confidence. Dr Scott Robertson has fitted dentures all his practice life since 1984, so has a wealth of experience including fitting dentures to natural teeth. We are here to help make sure you are getting the best results from your denture in terms of fit, comfort and look and in keeping with remaining teeth.

Dentures are a cost effective teeth replacement option that can replace single or multiple missing teeth. Custom-designed dentures can be supported by adjacent natural teeth or by a suction effect when a full denture is fitted.

At Mt Eliza Dental Care we know all too well that ill-fitting dentures can cause a plethora of problems from gum disease, bad breath and general discomfort. But expert design and manufacture of your dentures will ensure that you will be confident to smile broadly with your lips and jaws well supported.

It is often not realised or understood that poor fitting dentures contribute to sleep apnoea and postural problems due to an unfavourable bite.

We care about your comfort! Always call us if you are experience any pain or discomfort and we can easily make some adjustments to ensure a better fit.

You may be fitted with two types of dentures; partial dentures which are designed to replace one or numerous teeth and depend on existing teeth for support. Or you may require full dentures that replace an entire set of teeth across both the upper and lower jaws.

Exciting new advancements in the implant dentistry sector also allow for existing dentures to be secured to your gums in such a way that loose dentures will never be a problem again. Saving you the large cost of a full set of implants, we can combine implant technology with the traditional denture solution by inserting a series of titanium abutments into the gums.

These abutments are secured by the jaw and the small abutment protrudes above the gum line. The denture is then secured to the abutments and removed only when you want them to with a snap action allowing for cleaning.

Fitting permanently by the Allon4 technique, a lasting and great fixed outcome is possible.
This option can be life changing for those with dentures that do not fit securely, allowing for renewed confidence to speak and eat uninhibited without the embarrassment of awkward dentures.
We love to make our patients lives a little easier, so call us now to find out more.

Mouth Guards

And Be Sure on and off the field

It’s an unfortunate reality but one of the biggest causes of tooth trauma is contact sports. So we advise all our patients who play sport to wear a sport mouth guard that is custom fitted.

A custom fitted mouth guard is essential when it comes to comfort and in the actual event that contact is made to your mouth during sport.

Our mouthguards are laminated and fit perfectly while they are adjusted in the clinic.

Beyond just protecting your teeth, a custom mouth guard can assist to protect your entire jaw from injury and also helps reduce potential neck injuries from absorbing impact.

It is compulsory in school sporting events and throughout many community sports club, even if not compulsory we advocate strongly for all our patients to wear a custom mouthguard while paying sport.

Over time your mouth guard should be checked as it may need replacing. Please bring it along to your regular check-ups so we can check for wear and tear.

We'll guarantee the fit throughout the season!

At Dental Care Mt Eliza your problem is a solution waiting to happen.

General Anaesthetics

Help for the Dental Phobic with Sleep Dentistry

Dental Care Mt Eliza is able to provide a theatre list at The Bays Hospital in Mornington for patient’s dental treatment to be done under General Anaesthetic.

Patients who are dentally phobic (fearful of the dentist) and require any sort of dentistry, including fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions and provision of dentures can have their work carried out under general anaesthetic for up to 3 hours, time allowed depends on the assessment of the specialist anaesthetist.

The process is that after an assessment of your needs, and agreement to the treatment plan – what is planned together is then carried out under a General Anaesthetic – administered by the specialist anaesthetist in hospital.

So if you are terrified – we promise to sort it all out without even picking up the drill (unless you are out to it!).

We also have other medication options to help you cope better in the chair even if you don’t want a General Anaesthetic.

This is an effective way of "kick starting" your return to dental health!


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