Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Look your best every day with a customised cosmetic solution

Stepping out in confidence with a bright smile that you can be proud of, can be achievable for everyone! Whether you have suffered from gum disease, or have missing, chipped or stained teeth, there is a solution to assist you to achieve a better outcome.

Blending art with science we are able to enhance your smile. It takes a keen eye and understanding of what’s possible and proven experience to maximise the result – so ask to see Dr Scott Robertson. We have the interplay of the gums, a curtain for the teeth, lips and your teeth – also the width and position of your jaws to consider.

Often the issues of black negative spaces grab the eye and spoil a smile – we see these issues and correct them.

With a plethora of new and advanced options for patients, you do not need to suffer from an ageing smile, or from damaged teeth.

All that is required is time for an initial assessment of the issues and then with a careful treatment plan with costs outlined we can decide on the best course of action. You don’t have to believe what we tell you because we’ll show you first with our interactive “mockup” techniques in your mouth so you can see the results before we start. Nor do we want the “fake white” Hollywood teeth for you – your smile must be as individual as you are!

You may be very pleasantly surprised with the outcome from the perspective of both your teeth and our approach – you will see our results and be happy before they are glued in.

Dental ImplantsTeeth Whitening and Full Smile Rehabilitation are all techniques to help you smile brighter and happier than ever before.

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Teeth Whitening

Rapid, Cost Effective with a Little Razzle Dazzle

The perfect solution to treat stains and teeth that may be a little yellow with age, teeth whitening is highly effective and easy on the back pocket. Cost does not necessarily relate to the look of the result. See smile rehabilitation.

We all want to enjoy life! And a morning coffee, wine and smoking may result in your teeth not looking their best! Bleaching teeth is the best way to get a quick result, if it is appropriate for you. If you are happy with the overall shape of your teeth it is an excellent first step to brighten up your smile – or it can be a part of an overall smile plan.

Our process is simple and we can turn your teeth a number of shades lighter in one visit with Zoom or we’ll set you up with one of our take home kits. We can advise you on the best way to use the products to ensure the best results.

It’s also essential to give your teeth a routine check to ensure they are free of decay prior to any whitening procedure. We can advise if any further treatment is necessary before the bleaching process begins – and ensure you get what you hope for.

Our staff can assist you through the benefits of different techniques of home bleaching or zoom, offering you the results you are looking for from a rapid solution to bonding and veneers.

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Porcelain Veneers

An amazing new smile with the exuberance of youth

Porcelain veneers are literally the application of a thin laminated veneer of porcelain to the tooth surface. It is revolutionary in terms of giving back confidence to people with cracks, chipped or discoloured teeth. Even dealing with misalignment which may be unsightly can be improved, giving you another reason to smile!

Costs of porcelain veneers are no longer prohibitive and its affordability means that you can have a new smile without a massive outlay. Veneers often last in the order of 10 years or longer and the results are well worth the effort.

The process requires a treatment visit in which your teeth are reshaped to create the room required for each new veneer. Once moulds are completed your veneers are manufactured by a top Australian dental laboratory (not a Chinese Laboratory) and then bonded in place for a lasting result.

We offer an eye for detail and an artist’s touch when it comes to such delicate treatments and we look forward to helping you decide which treatment is best for you.

We will discuss and outline our treatment plan for you so that you know the costs upfront and also a range of options to suit your needs. It’s all about you and making the choice you are most comfortable with.

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Dental Bonding

A miracle in a few short visits

There are a multitude of reasons of why teeth deteriorate over time. Discolouring and worn teeth can be unattractive and even make you too embarrassed to smile. Dentistry at Dental Care Mt Eliza is not just about disease and tooth ache, it is about enhancing your smile!

Dental bonding is a simple process of applying a matched resin to your existing teeth. It can cover ugly stains or we can even cosmetically contour the resin to assist teeth to appear straighter.

The technique of dental bonding may suit your needs and it will enhance and improve your smile, however it is important to remember that the solution is not as strong as veneers or crowns. The bonding may require repair work from time to time, notwithstanding the result of bonding is outstanding and can be done quickly.

We can achieve a great result with chipped or cracked teeth with bonding. We also find that teeth that have suffered damage over many years can be restored as a part of the bonding process. Gaps between teeth can be carefully filled and teeth can be altered in length or shape depending on your requirements – This is often a good precursor to veneers when costs are an issue.

We will put in place a sensible, planned and balanced approach to your new smile. This involves stages that suit your timeline and budget. Together we will help you look your best!

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Discoloured Teeth

Smile lighter and brighter

We offer a range of options to lighten your teeth or cover unsightly staining. It’s a fact of life that teeth will discolour with age and staining can occur for many reasons.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you look and feel your best! There is a solution that will work for you.

We take our time to understand your needs and your budget and tailor a treatment plan accordingly.

Teeth whitening or bleaching offers a cost effective rapid treatment to enhance your smile. It is less invasive than veneers or other options and a great place to start particularly if you are happy with the existing shape of your teeth.

We also offer bonding and veneers for more extensive and lasting solutions. Bonding is an excellent option to cover staining and we can also modify other aesthetic issues with the treatment such as gaps or alignment purely by applying a new surface. Bonding however needs to be treated with care and may need replacing from time to time.

Veneers offer a far more robust solution where modifications to the shape of the tooth can also be made and the results are often astounding.

Our staff can assist you through the options to giving you bright and happy smile.

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Crowns and Bridges

Smile for now and evermore

Well nearly, anyway! Our crowns and bridges are a more permanent solution than bonding to achieve amazing aesthetic results. Notwithstanding we may advise veneers as a better solution as it keeps more remaining tooth structure.

We cannot overemphasise the importance of “vision” for the final result that you are seeking. We will assist you with our treatment plan to find the best solution for what you are after. This will take in consideration, your budget and your “smile” expectations!

When a tooth has suffered significant damage or heavily decayed, a crown is often the best solution. Crowns or bridges offer a far more natural look while their strength is far more robust than bonding composite material.

Crowns come into their own when a natural tooth has suffered significant damage and the structure of the existing tooth is already compromised. As it is a far more invasive technique than veneers or bonding we only recommend it under certain circumstances when we deem the natural tooth to be severely compromised.

A bridge is a variation of a crown using a similar methodology. It is possible to replace a missing tooth without using a denture by inserting a replacement tooth and holding it in-situ by the surrounding teeth. If the tooth is more damaged but we need to keep it whilst saving for an implant, then we may advise cheaper bonding for a short term solution.

Once again we will advise on a range of treatment solutions that may work for you. We believe in thinking outside the square and we carefully listen to what you want. Working together we can build a solution that fits your needs.

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Dental Implants

A range of solutions for a completely natural looking smile

Dental implants are a revolution for people who have lost teeth or wear dentures. Dr Scott Robertson has been working with this technology from the mid 1990s and has watched its meteoric rise in popularity due to its safe and fantastic results.

Suited for a range of patients, we often find implants suit people with dentures that now would prefer fixed non removable teeth. We also see patients who have suffered for years with an unsightly gap in their smiles, but this can effectively and predictably be solved with a dental implant.

We also recommend implants to patients who have teeth that can no longer be saved. Implants crowns are matched to appear just like a real tooth; a much better solution!

The implant procedure requires a number of visits over a period of approximately three months. Sometimes the tooth can be replaced onto the implant immediately.

Working over a series of steps from assessment of bone quality, manufacture of dental implant and to placement surgery, the process requires precise coordination that is handled efficiently in our practice.
On occasions specialist referral for implant placement is undertaken however the tooth restorative replacement is done at Dental Care Mt Eliza.

All on 4
The advantage of an “Allon4” option is that a whole arch of the dentition is attached to 4 implants – giving an instant replacement and a great aesthetic outcome quickly. This is ideal for people whose teeth are terminal and don’t want removable dentures.

This technique circumvents the normal three month process in a number of days. We can access you to ensure you are a viable candidate for the procedure. Please call us to make an appointment to see if you fit the criteria for our rapid implant treatment.

Over denture:

Using implant technology, dentures can be fixed in place and easily removed only when you want them to. Without the major cost of a complete set of implants at once, dentures can be used in combination with implant technology.

Implants are titanium fixtures that are inserted into the jaw and an abutment rises above the gum line which secures the denture in place. The denture is easily removed with a snap action for cleaning and maintenance.

This treatment has delivered dignity to thousands of people who can now eat out confidently and speak without the embarrassment of loose dentures. We find this simple process can be life changing in many circumstances.


Full Smile Rehabilitation

Are you ready for a brand new smile?

One of our key strengths at Dental Care Mt Eliza is our ability communicate and listen to your needs. We will never tell you what to do, or worse tell you what you want! Instead we ask you questions and carefully listen to your needs in terms of outcomes, budget and timeframe. It is about us understanding what you want from your dental journey.

When it comes to developing a plan for a new smile, we need to break down the treatment into easy, affordable steps. And with our treatment plans, we will sit down with you to discuss all your options. Once we are satisfied that we are all on the same page our treatments can commence.

So if you feel you are “in the dark” about your dental treatments we are about demystifying the process for you! Any information that you want about your treatment, from the highly technical to a general outline we will provide., including costs.

We love our work and believe in building relationships to last!

So come in and we can access you and develop a plan or dental journey that will take you through the process from health through to function and then finally giving you a beautiful smile.

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