Broken Teeth

Broken, Crooked and Worn Teeth, where do I start?

Turn your train wreck into a feel good story!

At Dental Care Mt Eliza we are here to assist you to find an exciting solution for your smile. Ageing and wear and tear take a toll on your teeth and we can help develop the right strategy to repair or construct a smile that radiates.

So don’t be embarrassed as to your teeth right now, instead call us so we can help you do something about it! We are a judgment free clinic, and won’t make you feel bad or guilty!

For many of our patients a conversation may reveal that they are uncomfortable with their smile and there are measures that can be taken to eliminate staining or closing an unsightly gap, or correcting crowded teeth.

The more challenging it is the more Dr Scott Robertson likes it! Don’t worry, well take the time to record, plan carefully, weigh up options and give you a written estimate of costs, including a “how / when” plan before we even think to pick up the drill.

Using ImplantsVeneers or Orthodontic Treatments and more, there are a plethora of techniques to help achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.

So don’t be content to cover your smile any longer and speak to our staff today on 9787 4439.

How your bite affects your health

Bite well, live well

One of the most important factors in health, vitality and a long life – is nasal breathing, and a good un- interrupted flow of air – day and night. Air is essential for health – just try not breathing for 5 minutes!

Reduced breathing and reduced airflow has many biochemical effects on our body which is the mechanism that can cause heart disease, brain cell death and a variety of other health consequences.

Humans are designed from the day of birth to breathe through their nose.

Correct breathing with the tongue on the roof of the mouth and the lips closed allows correct growth of the facial structures and minimises the risk of dental crowding of the developing dentition.

Unfortunately many of us have become mouth breathers due to problems with our facial development or airways due to infections such as tonsillitis or even because of a mouth breathing habit. People when they are told to breathe through their nose can often do it.

Restoring correct function of the teeth and jaws and encouraging nasal airway are essential goals of treatment – NOT JUST straightening the teeth.

Restoring correct muscular function is the goal of Myofunctional therapy. Training the lips and tongue to function correctly. Breathing techniques maybe a part of the plan – we will refer you as necessary to optimise normal function!

Improving the room for the teeth and allowing more room for the airway is the goal of functional jaw orthopaedics (FJO) to widen the mouth and make room for the tongue to encourage return to nasal breathing.

Mouth breathing that goes uncorrected deforms jaws and airways and can have a whole body affect in the development of poor posture, increased infections, asthma and poorer quality of life, even an earlier death.

Poor or interrupted airways such as found in those with Obstructive sleep apnoea is implicated in cardio vascular disease, diabetes, stroke and depression, weight gain and many other health issues even cancer. We never want our kids to grow into these problems!

It’s always better to treat early – and especially with the use of expansion appliances to correct underdeveloped jaws – but it’s never too late to help improve the function and appearance of the teeth and jaws even in adults.

Functional orthopaedic and orthodontic treatment is a recognised treatment technique that can help permanently correct problems that pre dispose to TMD and airway problems.

Worn Teeth

Teeth just as it should be, could be a few visits away

There is no reason that you need to live with worn down teeth. We know the embarrassment of a smile that is not as it should be and there are a range of solutions that we can help you with.

So don’t worry, we will work closely with you to understand what you want and offer you a treatment plan outlining costs and the intended outcomes.

The first step is to ascertain why your teeth are worn. If you have grinding issues, we need to understand the underlying reasons for this otherwise we are just masking the problem and waiting for failure again! It could be anything from diet to undiagnosed health problems. We are here for a longer term solution not just “patching up” dentistry ignoring the reason that you are always back having repair jobs done.

Our treatment will be based on the extent to which your teeth have worn. In severe cases when there is no longer integrity of the tooth we may recommend an Implant.

The solution may involve Crowns, Veneers or Bonding depending on the condition of your teeth, budget requirements and expectations. Worn teeth are a 3D puzzle to restore back to what should be. Dr Scott

Robertson is passionate about solving the puzzle of worn teeth.
It is the careful process of selecting the solution that is right for you. Based on the diagnosis of your problem is the key.

Missing Teeth

A complete smile is on the menu!

There is no need to suffer from unsightly missing teeth now that Implant technology is a more affordable option. Dr Scott Robertson has been working with implant technology for close to two decades and can advise on the right treatment to suit your budget and needs.

Dental implants are an innovation for people who have lost teeth or unhappy with their existing dentures. Using the latest in technology, implants can offer a solution that appears natural and is robust.

Most patients are suitable for implants however we need to ensure adequate bone structure and a healthy base before the implant procedure is commenced.

Another option maybe a Bridge or a Maryland bridge fixed to adjacent teeth. Bridges are false teeth attached to adjacent teeth with a crown or a glued on wing. A suitable solution is waiting for you.

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