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Image of 7 year old Alexi who was scared to visit the dentist

Your Child Needs a Filling but is Scared of the Dentist!

When Lexi’s Mum spotted a hold in her 7 year old not only was she horrified but was worried Lexi would panic when she visited the dentist. Here’s what happened: Mum called to make an urgent appointment. Dr Karen, known for her gentle manner with children, was available the next day. Whilst waiting to see […]

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Manual and electric toothbrushes displayed amongst toothpastes

Which is best… Manual or Electric Toothbrushes?

We asked Dr Scott Robertson is a manual or an electronic toothbrush best?

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Mouthguard’s – Save your kids teeth and more

If you play a contact sport, and a lot of Aussies do, you risk injuring your teeth. Jamie had a “dead” tooth due to a very bad breakage which showed up 3 months after the game! Many sports have a risk of contact, even a small bump or a little slip has the potential for serious […]

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The Art of the Smile

It’s great to do Awesome Smiles – Balancing the Art and Science that Modern Dentistry has to offer, along with a depth of understanding that comes from a professional life time of experience. Dr Scott Robertson has been a “fixture” in Mt Eliza for since 1984. “The Art of a Smile is Balance – and […]

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Crowded Teeth Mean Underdeveloped Faces!

A key part of our job for children is to maintain growth and development of the jaws and teeth – which of course affects the development of the whole face. The most important thing is nose breathing! Mouth breathers never have straight teeth without lots of orthodontic treatment. So next time you thinks of healthy […]

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Sleep & Pain Conference

Four days in Sydney on Sleep and Pain may not sound like much fun – but it was for my colleagues and I. World renowned lecturers Dr Mayoor Patel and Dr Tony Bennett presented the Practice and Science behind dentists’ treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing and Craniofacial pain at the practical and hands-on SLEEP AND […]

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Dentistry – It’s a continuing journey, not a destination

We need to be ever vigilant about those highly sugary and carbohydrate foods. Real, hard raw food chewing is practically nonexistent and cleaning with a tooth brush mandatory. Teeth are for life, and back in the short brutal Neolithic hunter gatherer days, teeth didn’t need cleaning due to the coarse diet and low sugar intake […]

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Twelve years younger in 12-months

Cathy knew she had a complicated problem but most of all she knew she didn’t want “fake-looking” teeth. We discovered Cathy’s natural teeth had been broken by excessive clenching and grinding, and the DCME team needed to solve the problem before creating a new smile. With careful planning, including implants, crowns and rebuilding, we developed […]

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Manual and electric toothbrushes displayed amongst toothpastes

Toothpaste – There’s So Many – How Do You Know Which Is Best?

With so many different types of toothpaste available… how do you know which one is best for you and your family? Dr Scott answers this toothy question click below ….

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How We Create The Perfect Smile

Smile design is hi-tech When designing how crowns and veneers will look and affect our patient’s smile, we use the latest techniques in the dental laboratory. The computerised scanners transfer the teeth shapes onto the computer screen which are then manipulated into a 3D designed shape.  We then mill the porcelain crowns / veneers into […]

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